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  The Nigerian military say they freed nearly 100women and girls held by Boko Haram militants duringa clearance operation in the north of the country, thehostages include one of the more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped from Chibok school in 2014. DavidBamford reports, The Nigerian military spokesmanCol.Sani Usman told BBC that in an operation on Thursday morning in Borno State, involvingtwo battalions and special forces, 97 women and children held hostage by Boko Haram havebeen located and rescued, among them , another of the Chibok school girls. Col.Usman said heis optmistic that a mission can soon be amounted into the Sambisa forest where it's told theschool girls are still being held, the hope is that this time sufficient moment have been buildingto launch a successful rescue operation.

  As the search continues for rackage from the Egypt airplane that vanished over the eastmediterranean, the French authorities are trying to discover whether there was a securitybreach in Paris, the aircraft have been enroute from the French capital to Cairo with 66 peopleon board. Jonathon Blake is in Paris, The focus here is on what if any breach of securityhappened at Charles de Gaulle airport, security was already tight and under review after therecent terror attacks in Paris. Officers on duty here on Wednesday night when the Egyptairplane took off had been interviewed. French investigators and technical adviser from Airbushave gone to Cairo to assist the Egyptian authorities who are leading the investigation. Egypt'saviation minister has said the cause was likely to be a terrorist act.

  The Venezuelan supreme court has ruled that a decree issued by President Nicolas Maduro lastweek, declaring a state emergency in the country was constitutional, the decree gives MrMaduro extra powers to deal with Venezuela's economic crisis. Leonardo Rocha has more. Thesupreme court's decision is on another round that a political battle going on in a deeplypolarized country. President Maduro issued the decree on Friday, declaring a state of emergencyfor 60 days, the opposition said the decision was unconstitutional and called on the armedforces to intervene. Wednesday law makers in the oppositional held National Assembly,rejected the decree, Mr Maduro had already said he would abide by the Assembly's decision.World news from the BBC.

  Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for the US presidency, saysthere was no way that she will not be her party’s candidate for the November elections. Shesaid she had an insurmountable lead over her rival Bernie Sanders. Turning her attention to thelikely republican candidate, Mrs Clinton says Donald Trump was unqualified to be USpresident.

  The San Francisco police chief has resigned, hours after one of its officers shot and killed ayoung black women. Greg Suhr was asked by the city's mayor to stand down, following a seriesof racially charged incidents in the past year. David Willice reports. Pressure has been mountedfor Greg Suhr resignation since last December when five San Francisco police officers shot andkilled a yound black man carring a knife. But the city's mayor Edwin Lee backed to chief thenand continue to support him when he was disclosed that several officers had exchanged racistand homophobia text messages that the shooting over 27 year old woman who crashed astollen car into another vehicle made the police chief's position untenable. Mr Lee said changesto San Francisco police department will clearly not happening faster enough.

  Officials in Sri Lanka say the number of dead from floods and mudslides has risen to 63. withmore than 130 peopel still missing, days of torrential rain have flooded large parts of the island,and three hillside villages in central Sri Lanka have been buried by thick red mud, thousands ofpeople are sheltering in camps.

  The two candidates in Sunday's presidential run-off in Austria are making the last pitch forvotes. Wales Rally is on the final day of campaigning. If Norbert Hofer of the Freedom partywins, he will become the European union  's first far right head of state. He is up againstAlexander van der Bellen who is running as an independent. BBC news.

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