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  A humanitarian crisis is unfolding around the embattled Iraqi city of Fallujah after mass exodusof its civilian population. Aid workers say thousands have fled in the last few days as the Iraqiarmy has driven Islamic state militants out of much of the urban area. Reception camps fordisplaced civilians have been overwhelmed. Alan Johnston reports. For two years, Fallujahwasin hands of Islamic state militants. But, now the Iraqi military is fighting its way through thecity. Fallujah's people have been fleeing. They've been risking militant sniper fire and roadsidebombs. Some have drowned trying to escape across the river Tigris. Aid workers in the areafrom the Norwegian Refugee Council believe few civilians now remain in Fallujah. That alltogether, nearly 90,000 people have fled.

  The presumptive Republican nominee for the US presidency Donald Trump has said it's time forthe country to start thinking seriously about using profiling to combat crime. He was speakingto the program "Faced the Nation" on CBS during a discussion about the deadly Orlandonightclub shooting. He said other countries used the controversial tactic which uses person'srace, religion, nationality or ethnicity in an attempt to predict who might commit acrime. I thinkso far it's something that we are going to have to start thinking about the country, and othercountries do it. And you looked at Israel and you looked at others, and they do it, and they doit successfully. You know, I hate the concept of profiling. But we have to start using commonsense, and we have to use, you know, we have to use our heads.

  Fourteen people, most of them children, have drowned in a boating accident in bad weather innorthwest Russia. From Moscow, here's Steve Rosenberg. The tragedy happened on LakeSyamozero in northern Russia. Despite a bad weather warning, a tourist group, composedmainly of children,was taken out onto the lake in two boats and a raft. Most of the childrenwere aged between 12 and 15. There was a storm and at least one of the boats capsized.Among the survivors was a 12-year-old girl who washed up on the shore unconscious. Whenshe came round, she alerted people in a nearby village to what had happened.

  The Israeli government has approved over 18 million dollars in additional financing for Jewishsettlements in the occupied West Banks as its response to security concerns. Israelisettlements in the occupied Palestinian areas are considered illegal under international law anda major stumbling-block to peace. The US and the European union   have repeatedly called for ahalt to settlement building.

  Exit polls from Rome indicates that Italian capital is about to get its first female mayor. The pollsgave Virginia Raggi of the anti-establishment five-star movement a comfortable lead over herrival Roberto Giachetti, who's backed by the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Ms. Raggi ran acampaign promising to fight corruption and privilege. A number of other cities are alsoholding mayor elections. World news from the BBC.

  Activist group said at least eight Syrian refugees were shot dead by Turkish border guards asthey tried to cross into Turkey on Saturday night. Many of the victims are reported to be fromthe same family.The Turkish military denies having killed the refugees saying the guards onlyfired warning shots. A monitoring group, the British based Syrian Observatory for HumanRights, says as many as 60 Syrian civilians have died this year after being shot by Turkishborder guards.

  The Algerian military says it has killed about a dozen armed Islamic militants south of thecapital Algiers. It said weapons and ammunition were seized in an operation in themountainous area of the Medea region.

  Egyptian investigators are examining the flight data and voice recorders of the Egypt airplanewhich crashed last month on the flight from Paris are reported to have said that both theirmemory units were damaged and will require lots of time and effort to fix. Reuters News Agencyquotes sources as saying investigators will analyze the extent of the damage beforedetermining if they can be fixed in Egypt or have to be sent abroad. Egypt airflight 804 camedown in the Mediterranean with 66 people on board.

  The governing body of European Football UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings againstHungary, Belgium and Portugal in the wake of crowd disturbances during the EuropeanChampionship matches on Saturday. Our sports editor Dan Roan reports. Hungary could face asignificant fine having been charged over the throwing of objects, fireworks being set off andcrowd disturbances in the match against Iceland in Marseille. Belgium faces punishments forsimilar offences while playing the Republic of Ireland in Bordeaux. And Portugal is also in troubleafter a fan came onto the pitch following the team’s scoreless draw with Austria.

  The actor Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the latest StarTrek films, has been killed by hisown car in Los Angeles. The 27-year-old was standing behind the vehicle when it rolledbackwards down the steep driveway hitting him against the brick wall and the security fence.BBC news.

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