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  Astronomers have discovered that the Great RedSpot, the famous storm on the surface of Jupiter isblasting the planet's upper atmosphere with intenseheat. The finding is published in the journal Nature.And while the exact source of the heat is still amystery, researchers believe that sound waves maybe responsible. Our science reporter Jonathan Webhas more details.

  Today's fresh insights come from the NASA infrared telescope in Hawaii. And they concern the"big bad planet, big bad storm", the famous Great Red Spot. Far above the clouds of this vasthurricane, three times the diameter of earth, the telescope detected a temperature spike inJupiter's thin upper atmosphere. The scientists led by Dr. James from Boston Universitysuggest that sound from the storm might be creating this high-altitude hotspot. Hightemperatures right across Jupiter's upper atmosphere have baffled scientists for decades. Theplanet is too far from the sun to be so hot. Thunderer's sound waves from Jovian stormsmight be the answer.


  That was Jonathan Web.

  President Mutharika of Malawi has promised to introduce a new law to combat a practice wheremen known as "hyenas" are paid to have sex with young girls as an initiation into adulthood. Hemade the announcement just days after the BBC interviewed an HIV-positive man who claimedto have had sex with more than 100 girls, many of them underage. Our correspondent Annmet President Mutharika in the capital Lilongwe and asked him how he'd reacted when news ofthe man's activities came to light.

  When I heard about this, I was shocked obviously and we all were. And I called the police andadvised them to arrest this man. That's against the law in this country. So that's whatmotivated me to make that order.

  But by arresting him, isn't this going to drive the rest to the underground to continue theirpractice but away from the law?

  Maybe it will obviously. I think probably some people may go underground but at least sometime some people may stop. I think it was a wise decision. And they found that it has actuallyviolated the law and he will be tried and convicted. And I think that will send a signal to otherpeople who may be doing this that this kind of practice is unacceptable.

  What else is your government doing to deal with this harmful cultural practices?

  So we'll be dealing with it.

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