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  BBC news with Jerry Smit.

  Video footage has emerged in China showing policefiring tear gas have stones from protesters inWukan, a fishing village once held up as a veryexample of genuine democratic reform. Villagershave been protesting against the jailing of the chief they were allowed to elect after theydenounced corrupt communist officials.

  The Syrian ceasefire which began last night appears to be largely holding. In the embattlednorthern city of Aleppo, residents have spoken of calm. But one monitoring group is reporting afew incidents.

  The lower house of congress in Brazil has voted overwhelmingly to expel its former speaker,who led the campaign to impeach ex-president Dilma Rousseff. Eduardo Cunha has beenaccused of taking millions of dollars in bribes. He denies wrongdoing.


  Hilary Clinton says she didn't disclose her pneumonia diagnosis when she got it on Friday. Andshe didn't think it would be a big deal. The democratic candidate has been criticized forwaiting until Sunday after she almost collapsed in public.

  Washington's envoy on North Korea says Pyongyang's fifth nuclear weapons test requires aswift and strong response including fresh sanctions. Sung Kim said last week's test hademboldened the international reserve to oppose North Korea's actions.

  Anti-terrorist judges in France have charged three women arrested last week after a car packedwith gas canisters was found near Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Two of them are charged fortrying to kill the police officers who detained them. They were both said to pull knives, injuringone officer in the shoulder.

  A senior UN official has warned of 50,000 children in northern Nigeria are likely to starve todeath in the coming 12 months unless they get treatment for severe malnutrition. AvienDwart said the extent of the problem had become apparent since April as Boko HaramIslamists were forced into retreat.

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