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  BBC news with Stewart Macintosh.

  The Russian military says air raids on a Syrian armyposition in northeastern Syria have killed dozens ofsoldiers. He said that US-led coalition planes havetargeted the airport near the town of Dayr Az Zawr,killing at least 60 soldiers and injuring many more. Activists of the Syrian observatory forhuman rights confirmed the attack, saying they could not identify which warplanes carried itout. They put the number of soldiers killed at 80.


  A Belgian teenager has been helped to die in the first such case since a law was passed morethan two years ago allowing terminally ill children to request euthanasia. An official said the childwas 16 or 17 years old but gave no other details. Belgium is the only country in the world thatpermits children of any age to choose to die.

  A week after a devastating fire broke out the packaging factory in Bangladesh it is still notbeing totally extinguished. The head of the fire brigade told the BBC that the blaze was beingstoked by inflammable chemicals in some corners of the multi-storied building. 34 people areknown to have died.

  The United Nations says 16 pro-democracy activists have been arrested in the DemocraticRepublic of Congo. It urged respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. The UN also says 85people were detained in the city of Lubumbashi after clashes between security forces andopposition supporters on Friday.

  A court in Egypt has ordered the freeze on the assets of 5 prominent human activists and 3non-governmental organizations. All of them were accused of receiving foreign funds in a casethat stretches back to 2011.

  Thousands of people in Brazil have attended the funeral of a famous actor who drowned in theriver where the crew have been recording scenes for the country's most popular soapopera. The death of Domingos Montagner on Thursday shocked the country.

  And that is the latest BBC news.

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