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  Turkey's governing AK Party looks certain to win back its parliamentary majority after astronger-than-expetced performance in snap elections. The Turkish prime minister AhmetDavutoglu declared the victory after preliminary results showed the AKP had taken about 49percent of the vote. These supporters were delighted. I feel very good on Turkey. As I feel veryhappy, so happy. Very good man, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, very good man. I'm very very happy.The pro-Kurdish HDP has more than 10 percent of the vote, enough to claim 59 parliamentaryseats, 21 fewer than it won in June's election. Mark Luis reports from Ankara. They can barelycontain their delight here at the AK Party headquarters in Ankara. The results have farexceeded all opinion polls, the marginal victory higher than almost anybody expected. Theparty founded by president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won back the majority it lost in June'selection and will now be able to govern alone. The tactics of the party and president to rejecta coalition last time and push for a rerun has paid off.

  A Russian government plane is on its way to St Petersburg carrying the bodies of more than160 victims of Saturday's air crash in Egypt. All 224 people aboard the airbus A321, most ofthem Russians, were killed when it came down in the sinai Peninsula. The head of the AirTransport Agency in Moscow Aleksandr Neradko said the airliner had disintegrated. He wasspeaking on the Rossiya-24 news channel. The crash site covers a very large area, over 20square kilometers. Parts of the aircraft had been dispersed across an elongated strip of about8 kilometers by 4. All the signs are that the aircraft disintegrated at a high altitude.

  Reports from Syria says rebels are using captured soldiers as human shields. The move is anapparent attempt to ward off attacks by president Bashar Assad's forces. Allen Jonsonreports. Videos have emerged of men and women being held in large metal cages. These havebeen put on the back of lorries and they're been driven slowly through streets that have beensmashed in earlier bombardments. One of those in the cage tells the camera that he is acaptured army officer and appeals for an end to government attacks on the area.

  The new speaker of the US House of Representatives Paul Ryan has ruled out working withObama administration to reform immigration policy. In his first serious interview since hiselection, the republican politician said the president couldn't be trusted on the issue. Worldnews from the BBC.

  Loyalists of the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev appeared to have swept the board inparliamentary elections which were shunned by opposition candidates and internationalobservers. The head of the Central Election Commission said the politicians from the ruling YeniAzerbaijan party had won the majority of the 125 seats in the country's parliament. The mainopposition party's boycotted the poll, accusing the government of suppressing dissent.

  Pope Francis has announced he'll make his official visit to Mexico earlier next year. The Vaticansays the Pope's 8-day trip will begin on February 12th. Our America's editor Leonardo Rochahas more. Pope francis drew millions of people to the streets of four other Latin Americancountries earlier this year including Cuba. He'll certainly get a warm reception in Mexico wheremore than 80 percent of the population are Catholics. According to the Catholic church inMexico, the pope will not avoid difficult or controversial issues such as poverty, violence andMexico's notorious drug gangs. The Archbishop of Mexico city Norberto Rivera Carrera saidPope will call for solidarity and understanding towards migrants who look for a better life in theUnited States.

  The head of the Council of Europe is to urge politicians and religious leaders to speak out fortolerance and inclusion.Thorbjorn Jagland who is a former Norwegian prime minister will makehis call at the speech in Sarajevo on Monday. Mr Jagland will say that those who wish to banishIslam and other religion risking stoking extremism instead.

  The Mexican Grand Prix has been won by Nico Rosberg. He controlled the race from the start,edging out his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton who has already secured the formula onedrivers world championship. But Rosberg's victory denied Hamilton's bid to tie the record for13 victories in a season. BBC news.

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