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   Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of SpaceX, hasoutlined a bold plan for interplanetary travel thatcould take humans to Mars as soon as 2025, as part of a broader effort to form a humancolony on the red planet.

  身家亿万的SpaceX创始人埃隆•马斯克(Elon Musk)向世人勾勒出了一个大胆的行星际旅行计划,或最早于2025年将人类送上火星。该计划是在这个红色行星上建立人类殖民地的更宏大努力的组成部分。

  In a presentation on Tuesday, Mr Musk outlined for the first time the technical details of howSpaceX planned to operate missions to Mars, and said the company would need more fundingto get there.


  The billionaire head of Tesla and SpaceX also emphasised his personal commitment to helpinghumans pursue life on other planets.


  “The main reason I personally am accumulating assets is in order to fund this,” Mr Musk said. Hewants to use his money “to make the biggest contribution I can to making life multi-planetary”, he added.


  SpaceX’s plan for Mars travel includes building a reusable spaceship that could travel betweenEarth and Mars and would take roughly three months to get there. The craft would be launchedinto orbit with empty fuel tanks, then be fuelled up with methane by a refuelling ship before ittook off for Mars.


  These ships would both be launched with a reusable booster rocket that is similar to SpaceX’scurrent Falcon 9 rocket, but bigger.

  这两艘飞船都会用一枚可重复使用的助推火箭发射,该火箭与SpaceX现有的猎鹰9号(Falcon 9)火箭类似,但要更大一些。

  However, the timing of the Mars announcement is unusual, coming less than a month after aSpaceX rocket exploded during a routine refuelling and just three months after a separateSpaceX rocket blew up in flight.


  SpaceX plans to send its small Dragon 2 spacecraft on test missions to Mars during the 2018and 2020 pairing windows, when Earth and Mars are close.

  SpaceX计划在2018年和2020年这两个配对窗口期发射其小型的“龙二”(Dragon 2)飞船,执行登陆火星的测试任务。在这两个配对窗口期,地球与火星之间的距离比较近。

  A new spaceship that can carry between 100 and 200 passengers would be developed withinfour years, Mr Musk said. The spaceship, tentatively named “Heart of Gold”, could make its firsttest run to Mars in 2022 and then take passengers there during the 2024-25 pairing window.

  马斯克表示,会在四年的时间里开发一种能搭载100到200名乘客的新型飞船。这种飞船暂时被命名为“黄金之心”(Heart of Gold),可能会在2022年启动首次赴火星的试运行,接下来会在2024-25年的配对窗口期携带乘客前往火星。

  Developing this interplanetary travel system could cost about $10bn, Mr Musk said, and SpaceXplanned to invest more in this area.


  Despite the high cost, Mr Musk said he hoped to make travel to Mars as affordable as possible,estimating that tickets could one day cost as little as $200,000.


  He declined to answer questions about whether he himself would be on the first trip to Mars,however, pointing out that the chances of death were very high and that he wanted to see hischildren grow up.





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